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Drow are very unmerciful. Do not come into the Underdark alone. Drizzt won't come rescue you. They will come to kill you without a sound. Fight for your life.

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Drizzt Do'Urden
Drow Race Description

The Drow as a whole are very different from the surface elves. Drow have ebony BLACK skin and stark white hair that almost creates a snowy mane. But do not be decived by their beautiful and sharp appearance, they are very quiet-footed, fast, and mean.

These Dark Elves once lived on the Surface World with the Light-Skinned Elves. But the Drow goddess Lolth decieved the Surface Elf god into seduction, and Lolth (the chaos goddess) backstabbed the other. When the Surface Elves heard this, they went to war with their Dark bretheren and drove them from the Surface into the Realms of the Underdark. The Underdark is the World beneath the surface and is home to the most vile of creatures and monsters.

The Drow have made great cities in the Underdark and the greatest of these is Menzoberranzan. Many people know of the famous renegade drow named "Drizzt Do'Urden," but they don't know much else about the drow. This race has to be the best fighters and killers of all races. Every other race shudders at the name:

The hierarchy of every drow culture and house is:
Matron Mother
Weapon Master
House Wizard
Lizard Riders
Male Drow Soldiers

As you can see from this picture, Dark Elves and Surface Elves have been mortal enemies for centuries. As soon as one sees the other, they begin a dual to the death. Dark Elves will never forgive Surface Elves for driving them away. Drow will even go on Raiding Parties to hunt and kill the their surface cousins.

As you my have noticed, the fan art site doesn't work. That's because...I DONT HAVE ANY. So email me your Drow or Surface Elf fanart at: Soon I will put up some of my own. But email me yours.