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These are a few of my drawings. And I know that they arent Drow or anything (except my elf ranger picture, my favorite is the "Guardian Angel") but I wanted the net to see what I can do. I hope these will help other people who are shy about their art to send me some of theirs so I can have the privilege to post them. Well I know it is only a few, but that is because it was all I could find for now. Click the pics to enlarge. Click Here to go back. Enjoy.

Quatre Winner
Red XIII Blade

Trunks Elven Ranger

Young Black Bolt Guardian Angel Get outa my Face

Alrighty. I'm not taking any credit for any of the ideas in the drawings, but since I drew these a while ago, I've forgoten who to give the credit to. I only take credit for drawing these by myself and free-handing them. Some of these I made up though, so I take credit for them.I will keep updating my pictures more often bcuz I draw more often now that I'm in college.